One last job and I’m out. I’m moving to the beach.

After a decade of dreaming, Baba was born in the sun-saturated beach town of Carlsbad, California. Our name was inspired by the 16th-century mystic Baba Budan who heroically introduced the coffee plant to India by smuggling seven raw beans in his beard from Yemen. 

But for us, Baba is more than just a smuggler’s tale. 

It’s really about holding hope close to the chest through difficult days and dark nights. It’s about subtle gestures signaling a love of people and good coffee. It’s about sneaking in more optimism and more listening in everyday situations.

Baba is about going against the odds and believing the best about people — even the broken ones.

At Baba, we hold firmly to the belief that we’re all smugglers. It’s just up to us to decide what to bring, and how we’re going to carry it.